Patrick Kahr

Patrick Kahr, computer science student and Tor activist. Passioned birder.

Hi, my name is Patrick.

I am a Computer Science student at the University of Basel, Switzerland.
My interests are: Nature, Birding, Photography, Open Source Technology, Encryption, Anonymity Networks, ...

In my spare time I work for Frënn vun der Ënn, a non-profit organization that provides Tor Exit Nodes.


Some of the projects and organisations I am currently involved in

Defending fundamental rights, breaking and repurposing technology.

Hobby-archaeologists from Nospelt, Luxembourg.


Non-commercial initiative for free wireless networks.


There are several ways to contact me. I strongly prefer encrypted communication channels.


The traditional way

Main Address: patrick [ɛt]
ProtonMail Address: patrick.kahr [ɛt]
GnuPG Public Key: [.onion]


I think therefore IM

Jabber Address: kahpa [ɛt]
OTR Fingerprint 1: 3B412F3D 00FAAAEC 51D03EEF 930FEA40 82C83A79
OTR Fingerprint 2: 6F4A8439 DC439EA1 F2CD631B 6BFC029A EFDDC324


Threema ID: M6H9D6F9
Fingerprint: 9431c3f2ded326354e322acc7383bd50


Please contact me via one of the above methods first.

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